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WPP Connect would like to welcome RP1 Cloud the NEW tool replacing Scopia

Remote Self Service RP1 Cloud allows you to join a Video conference call from where ever you may be. This NEW application can be accessed using your Mobile, Laptop or an IPad.
If you’re working from home or in a hotel all you need is an internet enabled device.

RP1 Cloud gives you the option to share your presentation, edit and save the edited doc.
You can send chat messages to other attendees during a meeting and all meeting attendees can view and participate in the chat while the meeting is in progress without disruption to the call.

For more information click on RP1 Cloud OR to get yourself an account please email Helpdesk@WPPConnect.com on or after Monday 24th July 2017

Please be aware this is a WPP Connect monitored service if the requested account is not used on a regular basis the account will be closed for security reasons.

Join A Conference

Join A Conference: Select the region you are connecting from. Go Back >

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One email for all enquiries, routed to all regional helpdesks:

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Bhavnisha Patel

The Americas
Ganessa James

Asia Pacific
David Tan
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